My name is Sofia Edvardsen and I am the founder of law firm Sharp Cookie Advisors and is a sharp business lawyer in Internet law and startup law.

This blog is my way to give back to my dear friends who run companies and show the legal risks and opportunities that companies should manage at various business events.

I see my task as a lawyer primarily to maximize my customers’ revenue streams – by in time manage the highest priority risks / opportunities based on what typically drives growth in the business.

Companies hire us at Sharp Cookie Advisors as legal partner for digital product development, digitization of its operations, company lawyer-like service for startups, as well as complex intellectual property and regulatory projects where innovation meets law. We help companies do better business by declaring, simplify and improve its decision-making.

Please contact us about the issues you face in your business and you are curious about – hear more from me as soon as I published a post about it.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Sofia Edvardsen


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